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Felony | Misdemeanor | Violation of Probation Charges

Being arrested can be a horrifying experience. The criminal justice system is complex and trying to navigate it alone can leave you feeling confused and overwhelmed. As a former prosecutor, who has handled both criminal trials and criminal appeals, Attorney LaMya Henry knows how the system works. Ms. Henry is sensitive to the needs of her clients and understands that each case is unique. Ms. Henry will personally take the time to review your case with you, advise you of the strengths and weaknesses of your case, explain the criminal process to you, and provide you with a quality legal defense through the resolution of your case.
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Have you been turned down for a job, an apartment, a loan, or prohibited from going on a field trip with your child?

If you have ever been arrested, your criminal record may be the cause of your denial. Today, arrest records and court records are widely made available to the general public. Having an arrest record, regardless of the circumstances or outcome of your case, can greatly hinder your ability to live and work freely. Fortunately, the opportunity to seal or expunge your record may be available to you. To see if you qualify to have your criminal record expunged or sealed from public view, call us now. (407) 205-8576.

You received a traffic ticket now what do you do?

It is important to understand that in Florida, traffic offenses range from civil offenses such as speeding to criminal offenses such as driving under the influence. Whether your offense is civil or criminal in nature, you have the right to contest your ticket and have a lawyer represent you. At The Henry Law Firm, we take traffic offenses seriously because we understand the impact that traffic tickets can have on you. Traffic tickets can add points to your license, affect your driving privilege, and cause your automobile insurance payments to increase. Let The Henry Law Firm assist you with your traffic ticket. Contact us now. (407) 205-8576.


Are you tired of the constant calls from debt collectors? Are you being sued by a credit card company, finance company, or insurance company? Are you drowning in debt? If so, The Henry Law Firm can help you.

We understand that calls from creditors and lawsuits can create an enormous amount of mental stress and strain. At The Henry Law Firm, we will work with you to stop the harassing calls from debt collectors. Also, we will work with you to bring a sense of calmness back into your life by exploring various options to help you resolve your debt. Many people mistakenly believe that bankruptcy is their only option out of the financial difficulty that they are facing. However, there are other avenues that can be pursued to resolve your financial obligations without resorting to bankruptcy. In addition to helping you to create a plan to resolve your debt, we are available to represent you at trial in the event of a lawsuit. You may not be aware, but there are many legal defenses to debt lawsuits. Call us now to discuss how we can help you. (407) 205-8576.

Are you the victim of an automobile accident, slip and fall, or motorcycle accident?
Call The Henry Law Firm to find out how much you may be entitled to as compensation for your injuries.

If you are dealing with an insurance company alone, you may find the process of resolving your accident claim quite overwhelming. Often, insurance companies will offer you money, which at first glance, seems like enough to compensate you for your damages.
However, you should be aware that insurance companies will not tell you everything that you need to know to fairly resolve your claim. Insurance companies are in the business of making money, not paying it out. At The Henry Law Firm, we will help you properly evaluate the true value of your claim. Attorney LaMya Henry will help you determine the money you need to cover your lost wages, medical bills, medical treatments, property damage, and pain and suffering so that you may obtain a fair recovery for your injuries. Before talking with an insurance company, call us. (407) 205-8576.

Unfortunately, Landlord and Tenant disputes frequently occur over rental property.

However, many of these disputes can be resolved when Tenants are aware of their rights and responsibilities. At The Henry Law Firm, we represent Tenants in disputes with their landlords. We handle: Eviction lawsuits or threatened evictions, Security Deposit Recovery, Issues of habitability of the rental home and Review Lease Agreements.
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